Goombay Smash

The perfect answer to the question, “what should we have to drink?” on a hot summer’s day. Goombay Smashes, of course! This cool, refreshing glass of tropical deliciousness packs a punch without being overly thick or sweet. The problem? Waaaaaaay to easy to drink, and you won’t realize how potent it is until it’s too late! With just three simple ingredients, this scrumptious concoction is the hit of every party.

We make it in pitchers and jugs but you can easily make it by the glass as well. Simply combine over ice:

1 part coconut rum

2 parts light rum

4 parts pineapple juice.

That’s it. Show up at a party with a couple of jugs of this stuff and get the party jumpin’!

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  1. OMG! Sounds amazing! I want one RIGHT NOW!

    • I made these last night. You were right, tropical but not heavy like a pina colada. This is my new favorite summer drink!

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