Shrimp Curry – Abraham

Ah, Sunday late afternoon “what to have for dinner” quandary. Well let’s see what we
have in the freezer, hmm, some Shrimp, maybe I can make a quick Shrimp Curry dish.

And why not record it as it is always a big hit in my house. So that’s what my
daughter and I did.

This recipe is easy and simple. Try not to add any salt unless at the end after you
have tasted it and you think you need it. The whole process should only take no
longer than 15 mins.

The spices can be found at any Indian grocery store. Some larger grocery stores
might have it too.

If your shrimp curry comes out too spicy, you can add some tomato paste or sauce to
make it milder.

Enjoy and happy cooking!

If you’re on a mobile device, click here to watch the video.

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